7 gang members with serious criminal records caught at U.S. border crossing

San Ysidro, California - 11/26/2018: The secured border fence and road for United States border patrol vehicles on the US - Mexico international border in California

EDINBURG, Texas – Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol (RGV) agents arrest several active gang members and two criminal migrants.

Friday morning, Weslaco Border Patrol Station agents, apprehended an Ecuadoran national near Hidalgo, Texas.  Record checks revealed the subject was previously arrested by the Westchester Department of Public Safety in New York for sexual abuse; contact with a victim less than 13 years old. The subject was subsequently sentenced to incarceration.

Hours later, McAllen Border Patrol agents working near Los Ebanos, Texas, apprehended a group of nine migrants after they illegally entered the United States. Among the group was Marvin Oswaldo OXLAJ-Mendoza. The Guatemalan national’s criminal record checks revealed he is a registered sex offender in Angleton, Texas, for sexual assault. He was subsequently sentenced to four years’ incarceration in 2011.

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Within the past four days RGV agents have arrested seven individuals actively involved in gangs. Five subjects were identified as Mara-Salvatrucha members, one is an 18th Street member, and the other is a Sureño-13 member. Record checks reveled the Sureño-13 gang member was previously arrested by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Office for kidnapping and inflicting corporal injury to his spouse. The subject was convicted and sentenced to eight years confinement and 36 months’ probation. This fiscal year, Border Patrol agents around the nation have arrested 279 gang members, of those, more than 150 gang members were arrested in RGV. 

All subjects were processed accordingly.