Abandoned Beagle Puppy Too Sick to Move Stuns Everyone with Recovery


A tiny Beagle Puppy was abandoned. She was abandoned for days in a small alley. She was wet and cold. She arched her back in pain and could hardly move when she was rescued. She was definitely malnourished and injured.

She was brought to an emergency Animal Hospital as time was running out. Her caretakers named her Nikki. Nikki was given a warm bath and was given round-the-clock care. She was still very weak and could not even stand up.

After a few days, the puppy slowly started gaining strength and was able to eat a bit. She slowly got stronger and was eventually fostered by the man who saved her. She got stronger and stronger and had other dogs that watched out for her. She started to thrive.

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Now she is all recovered and looking to find her forever home.

Watch this adorable puppy below.