U.S. Army Colonel: “We are f-cking abandoning American citizens” during final hours of Kabul evacuation


In the final hours of President Joe Biden’s botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, Michael Yon and U.S. Army Colonel Matt Rogers are claiming the U.S. Military refused American citizens trying to flee the country as the last aircraft were ready to depart.

On Sunday, at 7:38 pm, Col. Rogers reported that Americans were having a difficult time getting to the gates of the Kabul Airport.

“Everyone is having a hard time getting in the gate. AMCITs (American Citizens) can’t get past TB (Taliban) checkpoints,” Colonel Rogers said to Yon and Rick Clay. “I am only aware of a handful of families that are still trying to get in right now. Are you trying to get people in?”

“Any AMCINTS?” Yon asked.

“All of them,” the Colonel responded. “Yes, we are fucking abandoning American citizens.”

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The two men had three jets on the ground in Kabul and had previously arranged safe passage for the Americans with the Taliban.

“I had arranged Taliban bringing American mother and three American children all the way to gate. Turned away by American Army,” Yon claims.

The Americans were left behind, but Yon said his group isn’t giving up. After the Biden administration claimed all Americans who wanted to leave the country were allowed to, Yon said that statement is false.

“We had Americans at the gate in plenty of time. U.S. Army abandoned Americans to Taliban,” he said. “I was personally involved in the rescue as was Rick Clay, David Eubank. Taliban helped us until Colonel Matt Rogers from [the] US Army said he cannot take them in.”

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Yon said the Taliban did their part to make sure Americans got to the airport, but once there, they were denied entry by the U.S. military.

“Others were involved who cannot be named. Taliban actually delivered the American mother and children for us and stayed with them for hours until she told the Taliban to go home,” Yon said. “I have asked for Taliban permission to go back to Afghanistan. The U.S. government considers Taliban an ally so this should be perfectly legal.”