Army Mom Surprises Son on His Birthday after 1-year Deployment


A boy had the surprise of his life on his birthday.

As his dad called him over to receive his presents. He proceeded to open the top of a box sitting on the table, and one by one he handed his son present after present. He even gave his son a saxophone, but the boy did not realize his mom was handing the items to him from under the table. A saxophone would not have been able to fit in the box, but his son did not notice.

After receiving several gifts, including Yoda and Pikachu, his dad finally pulls his mom’s army cover from her head and gives it to him. He was very confused at this point until his dad pulled up the box and his mom popped out.

The boy and his mom embraced.

This Army mom and his son reunited in the cutest way possible.

Watch this tearjerker below.