Failed Human Smuggling Attempts at Laredo Sector Stopped by BPA

. El Paso, Texas USA-October 11, 2020: Work Continues on the Wall along the US, Mexican, border in El Paso, Texas

LAREDO, Texas – Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents assigned to the Laredo North Station, Encinal Police Department (EPD), and Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) apprehended several undocumented individuals during several failed human smuggling events north of Laredo.

The first incident occurred during the afternoon of August 31, when agents responded to a report of a suspicious pickup truck inside a ranch west of Encinal, Texas.  As the vehicle exited the ranch onto Highway 44 (Hwy 44), it failed to yield to a vehicle stop attempted by agents.  DPS and EPD assisted with the vehicle pursuit as the vehicle fled east on the highway.  DPS successfully deployed a vehicle immobilization device and as the vehicle came to a stop, several occupants absconded into a nearby ranch. Agents apprehended six undocumented individuals from the country of Mexico.

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The second incident occurred later in the evening when agents responded to a suspicious silver SUV traveling through a ranch west of Encinal.  Agents encountered the vehicle as it attempted to exit the ranch onto Hwy 44 where they deployed a vehicle immobilization device successfully.  This brought the vehicle to a stop and agents apprehended six undocumented individuals from the countries of Guatemala and Mexico.

Individuals from both events were taken into custody for further investigation.

These incidences are another example of how human smugglers selfishly choose to flee when encountered by law enforcement, endangering the lives of the people they attempt to exploit and the lives of the citizens of Laredo and surrounding communities.  Laredo Sector will continue to collaborate with their law enforcement partners to carry out the U.S. Border Patrol’s mission of protecting the American people, safeguarding our borders, and enhancing the Nation’s economic prosperity.

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