Firefly “Dream Mission” ends in nightmare explosion before reaching space


The company that recently announced it will be the premier supplier of rocket engines and spaceflight components for the emerging rocket industry saw one of those rockets explode shortly after takeoff, due to ‘an anomaly’.

Firefly Aerospace builds space launch vehicles, spacecraft, components, and rockets.

Labeled, “The Dream Mission”, the company’s first-ever orbital test flight went horribly wrong after lifting off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California Thursday night at 6:59 p.m. local time.

After two and a half minutes into the flight, the rocket began to veer off course, then exploded in a giant fireball.

“Alpha experienced an anomaly during the first-stage ascent that resulted in the loss of the vehicle. As we gather more information, additional details will be provided,” the company said in a statement released on Twitter. “Prior to entering the countdown, the Range cleared the pad and all surrounding areas to minimize risk to Firefly employees, base staff, and the general public. We are continuing to work with the Range, following all safety protocols.”

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