Intoxicated man said dog shot herself in the face, but police didn’t buy his story


NORWALK, OH – Police in Norwalk charged an intoxicated man who told responding officers his 4-year-old boxer Lula accidentally shot herself in the face. Lula survived the attack but lost one eye.

“He let [the officers] inside the house and said his dog had shot itself,” Norwalk Police Captain Jim Fulton said. “And that he had trained the dog to bring a gun to him…and the dog had the gun in his mouth and it went off accidentally.”

Norwalk police officers didn’t buy the man’s story. Now, 31-year-old Jonathan George has been arrested and charged with three charges. He admitted to the police that he was trying to unload his gun and accidentally shot her in the jaw.

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Captain Fulton said he’s not so sure he’s buying that story either.

“Whether that’s true or not or whether he pointed the weapon at the dog, we don’t know,” he said in a FOX 8 interview.

George’s blood-alcohol level was .17, twice the legal limit for DWI in Ohio.

“He shouldn’t be drinking and handling firearms,” Captain Fulton added.

Lula was treated and provided emergency surgery by the Huron County Humane society. She is now resting and recovering in a foster home.

The shelter said it is raising money to pay for Lula’s surgery and are accepting donations. Photos by Huron Humane Society.

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