Struggling Lousiana mom living in car since Ida: We’re going to die, Where’s the President? Where’s FEMA?

NEW ORLEANS, LA – A distraught mother of four who lost her home and is living out of her car with her children in the wake of Hurricane Ida is asking where President Biden is. She said she has not seen any Red Cross of FEMA support in her community and fears she and her children will die.

CNN reported on Maria about what’s going on in Louisiana this past weekend.

“We’re in the heat. We ain’t got no lights. It’ll be like almost five days. I gotta sleep in the car. My kids are hot. We’re hungry…It’s very hot we’re gonna die in here.” Maria told CNN. “Where’s FEMA? Where’s the Red Cross? We need help now. I’m a single mom and I’m doing it by myself. Where’s the president? Can he come help us?”

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