Larry Elder, a black candidate for California governor attacked by white woman wearing monkey mask

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VENICE BEACH, CA – A white woman wearing a black monkey face mask attacked California candidate for Governor Larry Elder in what has been described now as a racially motivated attack. The woman and others threw eggs at Elder as he walked down the street while visiting the Venice Beach homeless encampments, then physically assaulted one of the people walking with him.

Elder described his attackers as “Violent white liberals”.

“Today I kicked off the Recall Express bus tour. Before we even left Los Angeles, my security detail was physically assaulted, shot with a pellet gun, and hit with projectiles,” Elders said. “The intolerant left will not stop us. We will recall Gavin Newsom. We will save California.”

After being attacked, a member of Elder’s group approached the woman and was assaulted by her.

“California this election may go down in history as the moment where the long slow decline of a great state finally stopped,” Texas Congressman Dan Crenshaw said.

“If this was on the other side — if a white woman wearing a monkey mask threw an egg at a black democratic candidate — this would be wall-to-wall coverage,” black conservative Republican Candace Owens. “This might actually constitute as a hate crime in Los Angeles.”

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