Worlds Tiniest Dwarf Horse about to get put down becomes cuddly lapdog


A woman received a call about a mare who had a dwarf horse. The horse was tiny and couldn’t even reach his mothers utter to receive nutrients. She was going to have the vet put down the tiny horse. She decided to drive across the country to rescue him

When they arrived, the tiny horse was trying to eat and drink. She knew the horse was determined to make it through. The two stayed in a hotel room and all the dwarf horse did was sleep and eat.

They drive back across the country with the baby horse.

Slowly the horse became more stable and strong. He was named Pea. Pea now thinks he is a dog. He runs and plays with his furry siblings, and the horse now goes for walks and cuddles with his mom and dad back at home.

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Watch this adorable rescue below.

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