Abandoned skinny dog finds the most perfect person to save her


An emaciated abandoned dog was wandering around a cul-de-sac. She was literally skin and bones and was very weak. One of the neighbors couldn’t let her suffer outside so she brought her in for the night. The dog was almost too weak to eat.

The next morning they went to the Animal Hospital and she was told the dog may not survive. She was determined to take care of this dog so she brought her back home. She fed her high-protein puppy food and let her rest. She gave the dog lots of love and slowly the dog started putting on weight.

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Eventually, she was even able to jump up on her. The sweet dog fell in love with her new mom, and the woman fell hard for the dog as well. The dog fit right in with her other pets.

The woman had the dog scanned for a microchip, and even though her owners didn’t want her, she was able to find out that her name was Blue. Her own dog named Blue died a few years ago. What a sweet surprise for her.

Watch this beautiful journey below.