Afghan women defy Taliban in the streets of Kabul, continue protesting for equal rights

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN – While the American media and the left are trying to draw your eyes away from the debacle that remains in Afghanistan, the women of Afghanistan remain the last group fighting and opposing the Taliban.

After declaring Sharia Law, which mandates fewer rights for women, including the forced wearing of hijabs, exclusion from many professions, and more, the women of Afghanistan continued taking to the streets to oppose Taliban restrictions.

A group of men and women protesting the Taliban overran Taliban fighters who were unable to stop the crowds. Those crowds refused to stop even as the militants pointed their weapons at them and threatened to fire.

One Taliban spokesperson is quoted as calling a woman without a hijab and ‘half of a woman’.

“Do you buy a sliced melon or an intact melon?” he asked. “Of course the intact one. A woman without Hijab is like a sliced melon.”

In another video, Taliban are seen beating women outside a university in Kabul.