Ciattarelli jabs Christie’s defunding of police pensions on the campaign trail

While former New Jersey Governor was on the campaign trail this week painting himself as the anti-Trump, pro-police candidate for the GOP, back at home, Jack Ciattarelli was slamming Christie for breaking his promises to the police unions.

“Police deserve to have their compensation, health benefits, and pensions protected,” Ciattarelli said. “When I become Governor, the Attorney General and I will have your backs. Many police officers feel burned by previous governors. Past broken promises are not a scar, but still an open wound. But, just as a cop doesn’t want to be judged on what another cop does, I ask for the same impartiality.”

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Christie was at odds with the state’s police and fire unions throughout his term of office. Some called the former New Jersey Governor the founding father of the “defund the police” movement as he battled the state’s largest police unions over pension funding.

Ciattarelli also took a shot at current Governor Phil Murphy’s anti-police actions and support for defunding police.