Is Biden’s Build Back Better a Trojan Horse for AOC’s Green New Deal? New design says maybe

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Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” platform just got a makeover and it looks eerily similar to the marketing and branding of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” branding. Now, both Democrats and Republicans are wondering if Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda is simply his way of saying “Green New Deal”. Maybe they don’t call it that anymore these days.

Many of AOC’s supporters were actually angry after the White House unveiled their newly themed “Build Back Better” banners sporting the champagne socialists’ green, yellow and white theme. Previously Biden’s campaign utilized his standard blue and white theme.

AOC had to run interference for Biden and his administration after progressives on Twitter criticized the use of the GND theme.

“First it’s people inspired by our slanted text logo and now it’s this Winking face so long as it inspires the policy too! #GreenNewDeal,” she tweeted.

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“Can’t help but note Biden didn’t speak in front of green new deal podium,” one Twitter user wrote.

“Hopefully he copied more than the logo,” tweeted another.

“How dare he. Watch republicans will say see this proves his plan is just a Trojan horse for the green new deal,” one Twitter user said.