President Biden dodges questions from reporters again after economic address

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WASHINGTON, DC – President Joe Biden met with reporters to deliver an address about the U.S. economy on Thursday, but as usual, bailed out before answering questions from reporters. A visibly tired and exhausted President thanked everyone for coming in a low, drawn-out voice and fled the room as reporters shouted questions.

Biden said during his speech, America is at an inflection point.

“And I’ve said many times before: I believe we’re at an inflection point in this country — one of those moments where the decisions we’re about to make can change — literally change the trajectory of our nation for years and possibly decades to come,” he said. “Each inflection point in this nation’s history represents a fundamental choice.  I believe that America, at this moment, is facing such a choice.  And the choice is this: Are we going to continue with an economy where the overwhelming share of the benefits go to big corporations and the very wealthy?  Or are we going to take this moment right now to set this country on a new path — one that invests in this nation; creates real, sustained economic growth; and that benefits everyone, including working people and middle-class folks?”

Biden zeroed in on the wealthy and corporate CEOs.

“Just look at the facts.  CEOs used to make about 20 times the average worker in the company that they ran.  Today, they make more than 350 times what the average worker in their corporation makes,” the President said. “And it’s — how is it possible that 55 of the largest corporations in this country paid zero dollars in federal income taxes?  They made over $40 billion in the year 2020, and they’ve paid zero.  Think about that.  Zero dollars in federal taxes on $40 billion in profits.”