President Biden’s chronic cough is ‘not a concern’ White House says

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Washington, DC – White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, who is now being referred to by many as the White House Propaganda Minister said President Joe Biden’s chronic cough in recent days is of no concern to the administration.

Psaki dodged and weaved a reporter’s questions and concerns for the President after he has been experiencing episodes of coughing while speaking. This week, while addressing COVID-19, Biden coughed several times during his speech.

“It’s not a conern. We have a doctor who travels with him,” Psaki said. “Obviously he checks in it is ever warranted.”

As far as why he coughs so much, Psaki said he was clearing his throat or maybe has a cold, but it is not of concern. Psaki did not say whether or not the President was subjected to a COVID-19 test after displaying possible symptoms while speaking at a Gavin Newsom campaign event earlier this week.