Did you know? Six feet social distancing was an arbitrary non-scientific political compromise between CDC and White House

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Former Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Scott Gottlieb revealed shocking testimony regarding America’s policy of “six-foot social distancing”, saying that policy was nothing more than a political negotiation between the Trump administration and the CDC.

Gottlieb said the CDC initially wanted 10 feet of social distancing, but administration officials balked saying six feet was something more palatable to the public.

“The six feet was arbitrary,” Gottlieb said in an interview with Face the Nation. “The six feet is the perfect example of the lack of vigor around how the CDC made recommendations. Nobody knows where it came from.”

He said most people believe the six-feet distance was part of some old flu study regarding how far droplets are airborn. That’s not true either, Gottlieb said.

“We now know COVID spreads through aerosols,” he said. “The initial recommendation was ten feet, but a political appointee in the White House said ‘we can’t recommend ten feet’ so the compromise was around six feet.”

The World Health Organization has always recommended three feet of social distancing.