Fingerprint on Jack Daniels bottle leads police to home invasion suspect

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PHOENIX, AZ – A man who broke into the home of a man while he was sleeping has been caught after his fingerprints were found on a bottle of Jack Daniels bourbon whiskey. Police were able to lift his prints and two months later matched them to their suspect.

In June of this year, a man entered a home near 22nd Pl/Roosevelt while the homeowner was sleeping. While inside, he stole a large amount of cash and a few liquor bottles that he left behind outside the home. Those bottles contained evidence that would ultimately lead to his arrest.

Latent prints were recovered from the bottles by the responding officer. The prints were impounded as evidence and analyzed by a fingerprint technician in the Phoenix Police Department Crime Lab. On August 11, 2021, officers arrested 19-year-old Precious Castillo after the latent prints recovered from the bottles identified him as the suspect.