Maskless SF Mayor defiant when media dared question her night out violating city mask mandate

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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – The city of San Francisco has been enforcing a mask mandate among its citizens since early August as the Delta variant of the COVID-19 virus surged across the city.

In San Francisco, all residents must wear a face mask while indoors in public buildings, even if you are fully vaccinated. It says that right there on the San Francisco city government website.

“When to wear a mask,” the bulletin reads. “You must now wear a mask in indoor public buildings even if you are fully vaccinated. “

That is, everyone except for San Francisco Mayor London Breed. Like all progressive liberals who enforce strict COVID-19 mandates, business closures, and mask requirements, she’s exempt from the rule.

Last week, Breed was caught partying indoors in a San Francisco jazz and supper club. Mayor Breed was maskless, dancing and having a great time while San Franciscans across the city donned their mask and slapping masks on their children each morning as they go to school.

Breed was fortunate to be able to go to the jazz club and violate the rules. 73% of San Franciscans are vaccinated. 27% are not. Because of a vaccination mandate, that part of the population isn’t even allowed to party at the Black Cat jazz and supper club.

When asked about whether or not she felt bad about partying it up without a mask while the rest of the city worries about the mask police, getting fines and harassed by business owners and other dogooders, Breed was not only unapologetic, she called those asking “mask police”.

“I got up and started dancing because I was feeling the spirit,” Breed responded to such a vicious line of questioning, such as…why were you not wearing a mask? “I wasn’t thinking about a mask. I was thinking about having a good time.”

Breed said, “We don’t need the fun police to come in and micromanage and tell us what we should or shouldn’t be doing. I had a good time at the Black Cat.”

She then went on to chastize the media for daring to ask her why she didn’t wear a mask. You must now wear a mask in indoor public buildings even if you are fully vaccinated.  She then rambled about artists who haven’t performed in twenty years who uplifted her spirits.

“I was there. I was eating and I was drinking,” she said. “Everyone who came in there was vaccinated. No, I’m not going to sit and put my mask on.”

“When to wear a mask,” the bulletin from her own office reads. “You must now wear a mask in indoor public buildings even if you are fully vaccinated.”

“It sad,” she said. “This is now a distraction.”