Psaki says illegal immigrants don’t need vaccinations because “They don’t intend to stay here”

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WASHINGTON, DC – It’s unsure whether White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki read from the wrong set of predetermined canned responses to Fox News reporter Peter Doocey or if she’s just so confused about her own web of lies and misinformation that she simply was confused.

This week, when asked once again why illegal immigrants who are illegally entering the country and creating an illegal refugee camp at the border near Del Rio, Texas didn’t have to vaccinate, Psaki had a simple answer.

“They don’t intend to stay here,” she said.

Doocey wanted to know why any legal traveler entering the country needs to show proof of vaccination before entering, but the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants crossing the border in Del Rio do not, she seemed to take it personally.

“Let me explain to you again how the process works. As individuals come across the border they are assessed for whether they have symptoms,” she said. “They’re not intending to stay here for a lengthy period of time. It’s not the same thing.”

Doocey then asked Psaki where Vice President Kamala Harris is. Harris was appointed by President Biden to manage the Biden Border Crisis, but has been missing in action since her first trip to Central America.