Jackson Parent tells School Board “We are watching you!”

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JACKSON- NJ – Joseph Mazzella, a Jackson Township resident put the local school board on notice Wednesday night claiming that government entities are playing politics with the health and well-being of school children through ‘unconstitutional mask mandates”.

Mazzella said he feels those decisions are counter to health and science. He claimed teachers are now taking it upon themselves to push their personal agendas and beliefs upon students, going beyond the curriculum and overstepping their boundaries.

“I want to let it be known tonight that we are watching you,” Mazzella told the board. “We are speaking with our children every day and we will know…what they are feeding our children in class.”

He pointed out that while children need to wear masks in classrooms, they do not have to wear them indoors anywhere else in New Jersey, including restaurants.

“Nobody is required to follow these tyrannical rules,” he added. “Consider yourself on notice. We are watching you.”

Mazella said he would like to see more parents attend the board’s monthly public meetings.

“We’re all here today as concerned parents, but I believe it’s safe to say that a majority of those here tonight come with our eyes wide open as to what is going on in the world,” he said. “I’m shocked by the lack of participation by parents here concerned about the well-being of our students.”

Neither the board, nor the administration replied to Mazzella’s remarks.