Spaniel Puppy who collapses after getting hit by car makes miraculous recovery

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When Hope for Paws received a call about a dog that got hit by a car, they sprung into action. When they arrived, right in front of them the dog collapsed and fainted. They hurried and carefully placed the spaniel puppy in the rescue workers arms and rushed him to the Animal Hospital. The poor little dog was unconscious as the rescue worker held him.

The Veterinarian was waiting for him and immediately took him and rushed him inside. They gave him medication to reduce the swelling in his brain. He was named Tux, perhaps after his black and white coloring.

Tux slowly began improving. He opened his eyes and looked alert. He started drinking and eating. Soon after, the little dog was able to walk and his condition continued to miraculously improve.

After a few weeks, Tux was able to leave the hospital. He continued his recovery and was fostered for a few weeks until he found his forever home. His rescuers came to visit him and were amazed at how great he was doing, and how well he recovered from his head injury.

Watch this incredible journey from last year below.