Today is the day New York can begin firing unvaccinated healthcare workers, what’s next?

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NEW YORK, NY – If you are not vaccinated and live or work in New York’s healthcare industry, today marks the start of the period where you can lose your job. New York Governor Kathy Hochul doesn’t have any regrets about the decision either. In fact, she already has a plan to replace the tens of thousands of New Yorkers who lose their jobs due to the state’s vaccination mandate for healthcare workers. She’s going to speed up the visa process to allow tens of thousands of healthcare workers from foreign countries to take their place.

New York has enacted harsh second-class treatment for the unvaccinated. They can’t go out to eat at a restaurant. They can’t go to the movies or see a broadway play and they can’t go to the gym. Now, some won’t even have the right to work.

It’s a caste system being created by the New York Democrats, launched by disgraced former Governor Andrew Cuomo and being fulfilled by his replacement, Hochul.

In anticipation of the looming hospital and medical care industry labor shortage as a result of those Americans being terminated from their jobs and careers, Governor Kathy Hochul unveiled her plan to replace them with workers from foreign nations such as the Phillippines.

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Her plan to backfill openings lost by the firing of non-vaccinated workers is now hinging upon approval from the U.S. State Department.

“This is something we’re working on with the U.S. Department of State,” Hochul said. “This is a conversation we’ve already been having to talk about the opportunity we have in freeing up the visa system to have some temporary workers come from places like the Phillippines where many nurses go elsewhere.”

Hochul isn’t concerned over the possible worker shortage she would create in countries like the Phillippines if that nation lost ten thousand of their own healthcare workers. She isn’t concerned about the economic impact of sending tens of thousands of hard-working New Yorkers, you know, the ones that worked a full year treated COVID-19 patients during three waves of the deadly pandemic. They worked up to 18 hours per day sometimes for months on end, without a vaccine, treating those who were hardest hit by the COVID-19 virus.

Now, they are being cast aside, like trash…like second-class citizens.

It’s not just the Phillippines. Hochul is ready to raid the healthcare systems of other countries also fighting the pandemic.

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She said she has spoken to the Prime Minister of Ireland asking if that country had any healthcare workers they can send to New York to alleviate the looming shortage.

The governor said however, she has no short-term plan to ensure hospitals, healthcare facilities, and long-term care facilities don’t go understaffed.

Since the pandemic was declared last March, healthcare workers across the country, deemed essential employees were encouraged to work as most of the country stayed home and quarantined. Without a vaccine until late November, those workers risked their lives each day on the front lines of the pandemic to save COVID-19 patients. Many caught the virus and died because of the lack of protection against the vaccine in the early months of the pandemic.

Healthcare workers are being singled out by Hochul and the Democrats. President Joe Biden announced a nationwide vaccine mandate but that mandate excludes postal workers, members of Congress, and their staff. Now, the New York City teachers union has taken the state to court and a federal judge has blocked the New York City school system from enforcing the Biden-Hochul mandate.

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Hochul now says if her effort to replace New Yorkers with foreigners doesn’t work in the healthcare industry, she’s ready to call in the troops. She announced that she will enact an executive order to handle the employment state of emergency she will have created and deploy National Guard troops to the state to provide basic healthcare services for New Yorkers.

She doesn’t realize that most National Guard soldiers who have healthcare-related military occupational specialties (MOS) also work in the private healthcare system. Why should she? She doesn’t care about the impact it would have on their lives and it would only compound the overall healthcare emergency she is implementing.

Hochul said it is her job to keep people safe but has implemented a plan that will do the exact opposite. She said she has the responsibility to ensure healthcare facilities are safe for the people who visit them and those people need healthy workers who will not spread the virus to them. New York City could soon become the first state in America with third-world level healthcare services relying on the U.S. Federal Government to provide basic medical services for its population.