Fact Check: Did President Biden really suggest union bosses beat up Senator Kevin Cramer?

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WASHINGTON, DC – During Tuesday’s hearing on the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan by President Joe Biden, North Dakota Senator Kevin Cramer claimed President Joe Biden suggested union leaders beat up the U.S. Senator.

“He has this tough guy image,” Cramer said during the hearing. “He even wanted the union bosses to beat me up.”

But, did it really happen?

In a November 2018 meeting, then-stumper Joe Biden met with former North Dakota Democrat Senator Mary Kathryn “Heidi” Heitkamp as she defended her seat against Cramer. During a campaign speech, Biden did elude that union bosses should inflict physical pain against the then-candidate.

“I’ll get that president of the trade union up here and he’ll show him a threshold of pain,” Biden said.

Cramer eventually delivered a high level of pain to the North Dakota Democrat Party, defeating Heitkamp 55% to 44%, making her a one-term senator.

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