How a pet turtle powered the New York Yankees to 7 game winning streak

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Turtle - Stock Photo - Not Bronxie.

The New York Yankees were on a skid. They were losing games to teams like the Mets, Orioles, and Indians. At one point, the Yankees gave up double-digit losses two nights in a row against Cleveland. The team realized something had to change if they were going to stay in the wild card race.

So they did what any Major League Baseball team would do when they’re playing badly. They adopted a pet turtle. Pitcher Nestor Cortez urged the team to get a pet Turtle and that’s just what they did.

His name is “Bronxie the Turtle” and he hangs out with the team in the clubhouse. One of his best friends on the team is all-star infielder DJ LeMahieu. This weekend, Bronxie traveled with the team to Boston to help the Yankees sweep the Red Sox.

The Yankees are two games ahead of the Red Sox and lead the American League Wildcard race. It’s unimaginable to consider where they would be today without him.

The Yankees are hoping to turn their up and down the season into a World Series championship in October and veteran outfield Brett Gardner says if that happens, Bronxie is getting a ring too.

“Would be great if we got him a little World Series ring,” Gardner said.

Since joining the team, the Yankees are 7-0 and swept series against the Red Sox and Rangers. Last night they defeated the Toronto Blue Jays 7-2 with a devastating three-run home run by Giancarlo Stanton…influenced of course, by Bronxie.

When it comes to turning the team around, Bronxie has provided more help to Stanton than any other Yankee. Since Bonxie’s arrival, Stanton is batting .407 with 5 home runs and 16 rbi.

It is rumored that in an attempt to subvert the Yankees’ good run, the Canadian border and customs service has denied entry into Canada for the turtle in an apparent and obvious attempt to sabotage the team. The Canadian government’s efforts failed as the Yankees took game one of the series Tuesday night.