Democrat Senator asks Facebook to shut down non-existent “Finsta” service

2 mins read

Connecticut U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal is 75-years-old. He was born in 1946, just months after World War II ended. He is a baby boomer…or as the left calls them “Boomers” or “the old guys we re-elect each year”.

Blumenthal had what could best be described as a senior moment today when he asked Facebook, the parent company of Instagram, “Will you commit to ending Finsta?”

It’s clear somebody on his staff wrote something about Finsta in his notes, but Blumenthal apparently had…and still has no idea what Finsta is.

It’s a slang word young whippersnappers with their high tech gadgets call fake accounts on Instagram. Usually to get some privacy from prying eyes at school, their parents, the police, whoever. In adult speak, it’s like creating a fake Facebook account to post crappy comments anonymously on your best friend’s Facebook page.

After asking the question there was a justified long pause on Facebook’s end, but after explaining what Finsta is, Blumenthal “boomer raged”.

“Finsta is one of your products or services, we’re not talking Google or Apple, it’s Facebook,” he replied. “Correct?”

“Finsta is slang for a type of account?” he asked again in a tone similar to a waitress telling him he’s 3 minutes late for the early bird special.

After being told a third time what Finsta is, Blumenthal then bumped his senior rage into the levels of being shortchanged 32 cents at the supermarket checkout.

“Well, I don’t think that’s an answer to my question,” he responded.

Yes, it was. Facebook even explained that it was adding additional privacy features to encourage people to not make fake Instagram accounts and to allow younger users to create smaller groups of contacts to engage with.

Blumenthal has been in politics since 1977 when he worked as a U.S. District Attorney for then-President Jimmy Carter.