Murphy campaign apologizes after “Guv Snub” of a female reporter

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Things were tense and heated during Tuesday night’s debate between Governor Phil Murphy and GOP candidate Jack Ciattarelli. Murphy was apparently not in a good mood after snapping at a reporter who asked the governor if he intends to force vaccinations upon New Jersey school teachers.

“In the spin room, post-debate, Murphy cut off CBS2’s Jessica Layton from asking if there’s any COVID rate in schools that could make him consider a vaccine requirement for teachers,” CBS reported.

The network said the governor’s office swiftly apologized for Murphy’s abrupt behavior.

Phil Murphy vs. Jack Ciattarelli debate coverage

“Governor Murphy thanks our educators for their tireless commitment to our students, even amid the challenging circumstances of the past 18 months,” Murphy’s staff responded. “We are confident that school districts across New Jersey will report that the vast majority of teachers opted to get vaccinated ahead of the October 18 deadline. While we will continue to encourage and prioritize vaccination for all who are eligible, we must also ensure that schools have sufficient staff to remain open for full-time, in-person instruction.”

The New Jersey GOP slammed Murphy for his dismissal of a female reporter.

“Phil Murphy had to apologize for mistreating a female reporter last night,” the NJ GOP tweeted. “No surprise coming from the guy who swept rape allegations under the rug. Phil Murphy systemically and perpetually treats women like garbage, and it can’t be allowed to continue.”

The GOP continues to fixate this election cycle on the 2016 allegations of rape against Al Alvarez, a high-level Murphy cabinet member by female staffer Katie Brennan.

On Tuesday, Murphy said he had personally apologized to Brennan for his indifference to her claims when she first reported them to the campaign.