Bipartisan Outcry Grows For More Diversity on Kirwan Accountability and Implementation Board

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There is a growing bipartisan outcry for more equity and diversity on the Accountability and Implementation Board (AIB), which will be charged with implementing the new Kirwan education overhaul statewide, and overseeing tens of billions of taxpayer dollars.

While the Kirwan law expressly requires that this powerful panel reflects the diversity of the state, the leaders of the nominating committee—including Sen. Paul Pinsky—have shockingly recommended residents from just four of the state’s 24 jurisdictions and only from Central Maryland: Anne Arundel County, Baltimore City, Baltimore County, and Montgomery County.

This severe lack of diversity has been met with strong bipartisan opposition, and Governor Hogan has asked the nominating committee to submit additional candidates for the board: “Every student in Maryland deserves access to a world class education and to be fairly represented in the decision-making process that governs school policy. To operate in a manner that hurts our efforts to further equity and inclusiveness does a tremendous disservice to our young people.”

1. There is no representation from Prince George’s County, the state’s second most populous jurisdiction—prompting a letter from County Executive Angela Alsobrooks:

2. There is no Latino representation—prompting a letter from the Maryland Legislative Latino Caucus:

3. There is no representation from Western Maryland, the Eastern Shore, or Southern Maryland—prompting opposition from legislators for these regions:

4. The Republican leaders in both the House and the Senate have called for more diversity to be added to the committee: