Trump dumps Corey Lewandowski after stalking allegations by big donor’s wife

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Conservatives have begun to cut ties with Corey Lewandowski after a donor of former President Donald Trump accused him of making unwanted sexual advances towards her, Politico reported.

Trashelle Odom, the wife of Idaho construction executive John Odom, alleged Lewandowski “stalked” her at a Las Vegas charity event on Sept. 26 in a statement to Politico. “He repeatedly touched me inappropriately, said vile and disgusting things to me, stalked me, and made me feel violated and fearful,” Odom said in the statement.

Four first-hand witnesses corroborated Odom’s allegations, Politico reported.

Lewandowski was removed from his duties leading former President Donald Trump‘s super PAC on Wednesday, with Trump spokesperson Taylor Budowich tweeting he would “no longer be associated with Trump World.”

He was a top advisor for Republican Gov. Kristi Noem of South Dakota, but spokesperson Ian Fury told the DCNF that “Corey was always a volunteer, never paid a dime (campaign or official). He will not be advising the Governor in regard to the campaign or official office.”

Noem traveled frequently with Lewandowski in recent months, with him introducing her to top political players and donors as speculation mounts over whether she will run for president in 2024, Politico reported.

Charles Herbster, a Republican running in Nebraska’s gubernatorial election, also cut off Lewandowski, telling Politico in a statement he had “known Corey Lewandowski since 2015 when I was an early and steadfast supporter of Donald J. Trump for President.”

“Most recently, Corey has been one of my senior campaign advisors as I run for governor of the state of Nebraska. I’ve asked Corey to step back from this role. Corey and his family will remain in my prayers,” he said.

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David Chesnoff, a Las Vegas attorney representing Lewandowski, told the DCNF in a statement that “accusations and rumors appear to be morphing by the minute and we will not dignify them with a further response.”

“Mrs. Odom stated that over the course of the dinner, Mr. Lewandowski tried to hold her hand, and she pushed his hand away,” Odom’s family attorney wrote in the statement. “He touched her leg, and she moved it away. He grabbed her napkin off her lap and tried to touch her leg again, and she pulled her dress over her leg, to move his hand away and cover her skin.”

“He described an area where he was sore from a workout, on the side of his butt, but he demonstrated this by touching her there—on the upper side of her rear end. Lewandowski tried to touch her approximately 10 times, and Mrs. Odom always rebuffed him,” her attorney added.

Lewandowski was charged with battery in 2016 after an incident with reporter Michelle Fields, but the charges were later dropped. He denied the event happened, until video footage emerged showing Lewandowski grabbing Fields’ arm.

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