Chihuahua cries and cries waiting for his Owner to come back

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A woman called Animal Services about a poor little Chihuahua. She witnessed his owner slapping and shaking him violently. Eventually the dog ran off. Even though the temperature was freezing, the dog did not want to be back with his owner. When the Police had arrived, the dog had already run away.

Hours later the dog was found wandering the streets. When he arrived at the Animal Shelter, he was covered in bruises and red spots.

The veterinarian on call and her husband decided to take the dog home to recover.

The little dog bit the man the minute he tried to touch him. The husband wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to have this dog to take care of. Whenever the man touched the dog, the dog would cry or pee.

He took his other dog out for a walk the night before Porter was to be adopted out to someone else. When he retured he learned that the little dog cried and cried for him the whole time he was gone. At that point he decided he couldn’t give him up.

Months and years went by and the man decided he couldn’t leave his best friend. Now him and his Chihuahua named “Porter” are best friends and are inseparable.

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