Joe Biden’s failed leadership hurting Democrats ability to raise money, MoveOn PAC says

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The bumblings and fumblings of President Joe Biden are beginning to rub off on his fellow Democrats. According to MoveOn, a progressive political PAC, the President’s mismanagement of the country is starting to hit the party in its pocket.

Democrats say they are having a hard time keeping up with Trump’s massive fundraising effort. Trump has already raised a war chest of more than $100 million, the PAC reported.

“Though the next presidential election seems far away, Trump is already raising tens of millions of dollars, hiring staff in battleground states, and holding campaign-style rallies across the country,” MoveOn said. “We simply CANNOT allow ourselves to fall behind.”

Fundraising for Democrats is down and Biden is the reason.

“This news is also troubling because of the sharp decline in donations we and other progressive organizations have seen since Joe Biden became president,” the PAC reported. “Trump’s encouragement and defense of a violent, attempted coup have fueled the biggest attack on voting rights since Jim Crow, making it harder for millions of voters of color, young voters, and low-income voters—who disproportionately vote for Democrats—to cast a ballot.”

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