Man survives 15-story fall from Jersey City hi-rise, lands on BMW

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JERSEY CITY, NJ – A man was seriously injured after falling 15 stories from a Jersey City hi-rise building in Journal Square on Wednesday. The incident happened at around 10:30 a.m. and was captured on video. At this point, it’s unsure whether the man jumped or fell from the building, according to police.

He landed on a BMW parked in front of 26 Journal Square at the intersection of Enos Place and Sip Avenue.

The police did not release any further information. The man appeared to be wearing a COVID-19 face mask when he landed on the car.

Christina Bri Smith, a Facebook user posted images and photos from the scene. Bri also posted videos of the man after his fall. The man had significant injuries to his arm and facial injuries as he pleaded for help from bystanders.

Photo posted to Facebook by user Christina Bri