Unruly Red Sox Fans Taunt Gerrit Cole, did it work?

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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS – Unruly Boston Red Sox fans taunted New York Yankees ace Gerrit Cole while he was warming up before Wednesday’s Wild Card playoff game. Fans were shouting obscenities, holding spider tack and a Kermit the Frog puppet, mocking his voice which sounds like the popular 1970s star of the Muppet Show.

Now, some are saying that this taunting might have taken Cole, a 16-8 pitcher a 3.23 earned run average out of the game before it even started. In Boston, the fans are literally three feet or so away from the opposing team’s bullpen.

NJ.com reporter Brendan Kuty recorded the exchange, “I watched as Red Sox fans harassed Gerrit Cole, holding up a container of Spider Tack and a Kermit the Frog puppet, and they hurled all kinds of unprintable words at the Yankees ace during his pregame warmup. I recorded it.”

Red Sox fans have always been unruly. Sometimes, even downright trashy, but did their ribbit ribbing work? The Yankees ended up losing the game 6-2, ending their playoff hopes.

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