Biden walks the gauntlet, ignores reporters asking tough questions Americans want answers to

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WASHINGTON, D.C. – The liberal media’s honeymoon with U.S. President Joe Biden seems to be nearing an end as reporters are finally asking the Commander-In-Chief tough questions Americans want answers to. The President, as has been par for the course since taking office, refused to answer those questions.

Reporters asked the President about his opinion of his son Hunter Biden’s $500,000 per piece sale of amateur artwork, corruption and one even asked him about his allergies after the President has been seen repeatedly coughing while giving speeches in recent weeks.

The President was ambushed by reporters while walking, holding hands with his granddaughter. Some might say this sort of gorilla journalism crosses an ethical line, but last week, President Biden said it was a perfectly legitimate action against elected officials and something those in office should be accustomed to.

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