Bugs Bunny burglar back in jail days after being released from prison, missed meeting with Mr. T

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MARTIN COUNTY, FL – The Bugs Bunny burglar has been caught.

“Imagine enjoying a night out when your home security alert goes off. When you open your security cameras, you see a person inside your home pilfering through your belongings,” the Martin County Sheriff’s Office said. “This is exactly what happened to a Martin County resident as 24-year old Brett Rusevlyan of Port St. Lucie took it upon himself to break into a home in Jensen Beach.”

The homeowners contacted the Martin County Sheriff’s Office with a detailed description of the burglar that included numerous tattoos on his face, and a grey Bugs Bunny shirt. As the call was taking place, Rusevlyan can be seen grabbing some keys and walking out of frame. A short time later, a second caller gave deputies the description of a suspicious male walking down the street.

The male was wearing a Bugs Bunny shirt. Moments later, MCSO had Rusevlyan in custody. When questioned, he told deputies that he was supposed meet up with a Mr. “T”, who was a pen pal from prison. He said Mr. “T” owed him about $450.00 in marijuana. When Mr. “T” didn’t ante-up with the marijuana, he walked into a home he thought Mr. “T” owned, so he could look for marijuana and square off the debt. When he saw the internal cameras, he said he “freaked out”, and left.

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Brett Rusevlyan’s reaction was likely due the fact that he was recently released from prison on multiple burglary convictions. The terms of his probation prohibit any further burglaries which means his Bugs Bunny shirt will be stored away for a few more years. As for the pen pal Mr. “T”, we are not sure how he made it into this story—and he still remains a mystery. That’s all folks!