CNN reports U.S. gas prices at the highest levels since Obama’s term in 2014

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close-up of refilling the car with a gas pump

Obama-era gas prices have returned to America, CNN reported this week. Gas prices nationwide are an average of $3.19 cents, the highest price since 2014 when they were $3.30 under former President Barack Obama. Gas prices have gone up $1 overall since last October before Trump lost the presidential election to Joe Biden.

“In the overall economy what else matters to the average American? Gas prices,” CNN reported. “Gas prices in October 2021 they are at their highest point since October of 2014. Three dollars and 19 cents, now obviously there are a number of issues as to the reason why but, extreme trying to explain OPEC. Plus to a person has to fill up their tank at three dollars and nineteen cents doesn’t necessarily work super well if you’re the White House.”