Will Jack Ciattarelli interfere with New Jersey’s legal marijuana if elected Governor?

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A report today at NJ.com raises a question that is on the minds of many New Jerseyans who want to see the legalization of marijuana move forward. Many feel that if elected, Ciattarelli could put up resistance that could end up delaying the entire process.

It’s not a secret, Ciattarelli is not a fan of legalized marijuana and during his debate with Governor Phil Murphy, said the referendum approved by New Jersey voters was different than the laws delivered as a result of that referendum by Murphy and state Democrats.

“We could have addressed social injustice with the decriminalization of marijuana, not the approval of recreational marijuana,” Ciattarelli said during that debate, NJ.com reported. “And it’s not an accident that of our 565 towns in New Jersey, 400 have now passed local ordinances that have said no dispensary in my town.”

Ciattarelli has sharply criticized his opponent’s implementation of legal marijuana after it was learned that police officers would be essentially handcuffed from policing and enforcing illegal marijuana use by underage residents.

67% of New Jerseyans voted for legal marijuana, so completely stopping it would be political suicide for Ciattarelli, but as governor, he could slow the progression by letting bills die on his desk, regulations within the regulations and tying the entire process up in red tape during his term.

Check out the full report at NJ.com.

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