For Nancy Pelosi, “taxing the rich” means giving the IRS access to bank accounts over $10,000

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WASHINGTON DC - APRIL 28 2009: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi congressional rally with anti-poverty advocates on Capitol Hill after their meetings with elected officials during Sojourners' Mobilization to End Poverty conference.

If you have more than $10,000 in your bank account, Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, you must be one of the rich and wealthy elites the Democrat party is making pay their fair share under Joe Biden’s “Build Back Better” agenda. Under the current proposal, the IRS will be given access to view all transactions over $600 on accounts with $10,000 or more in them.

You know, the rich. That data will allow the IRS broader enforcement measures to make sure every American is paying their fair share, not just the super-rich they claim they are targeting.

When asked about citizen privacy concerns, Pelosi said it will be used to track all Americans to make sure they can prosecute those who aren’t paying their fair share. The $600 trigger is negotiable she says.

“The plural of anecdote is not data. I’ve said that before here. Yes, there are concerns that some people have but if people are breaking the law and not paying their taxes, one way to track them is through the banking measure,” Pelosi said. “I think $600, well, that’s a negotiation that will go on as to what the amount is.”

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Pelosi now realizes she may not get the $3.5 trillion she and fellow Democrats asked for initially.

“We have some important decisions to make in the next few days so that we can proceed,” she said. “I’m very disappointed that we are not going with the original $3.5 trillion, which was very transformative.”

While Pelosi says taxing the reach can’t be done without giving the IRS unprecedented access to the bank accounts of Americans, her disciple, Sandy Cortez, a second-term congresswoman from New York says taxing the rich means donning an expensive dress that says “Tax the Rich” while being comped at a $35,000 per ticket Hollywood hobknobbing event.

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