Mom of slain ANTIFA soldier uses Twitter to organize violent riot in Portland to honor his memory

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Laura Kealiher, the mother of a deceased ANTIFA rioter Sean Kealiher went to Twitter this week to organize and promote violence within the city of Portland, Oregon. She even threatened to kick out the self-appointed Portland “Peace Police” if they showed up.

“I love obscenity. This is not a peaceful event and peace police will be kicked out period,” Kealihear told prospective rioters. “It’s a night of rage and anger. I respect diversity of tactics to a point, but not at this event.”

Her son Sean was murdered in Portland and the case has gone unsolved. This was apparent revenge against a city that had taken away her baby. It was motivated by a mother’s personal loss and she made it clear it was not a protest against political or social disparities within the community. She wanted payback.

On Saturday, October 12, 2019, at 12:14 a.m., Portland Police officers were dispatched to a report of gunshots heard in the area of Northeast 8th Avenue and Davis Street. Responding officers received additional information that a driver crashed a vehicle into a building.

When officers arrived they found an SUV crashed into the side of a commercial building and no one around. Officers also located evidence of gunfire into the crashed vehicle. A short time later, a report came into 9-1-1 of an injured person at a local hospital who had been dropped off by friends in a private vehicle.

It turned out, Sean was run over while protesting and killed.

Officers responded to the hospital and learned that after the crash, 23-year-old Sean Kealiher suffered critical injuries. Friends of the victim placed him into a personal vehicle and transported him to the hospital, where medical staff was unsuccessful at life-saving measures.

The Multnomah County Medical Examiner performed an autopsy and determined the cause of death was blunt force trauma and the manner of death was a homicide.

Sean Kealiher was also a member of the violent group and had a criminal record for violence on record with the Portland Police Department.

The elder Kealiher made good on her promises. Dozens of businesses in Portland were attacked last night, windows broken, their businesses ransacked, garbages burned in the street. American flags were burned and fireworks lit up the night sky. The memory of Sean Kealiher was preserved.

ANTIFA believes the Portland Police Department dropped the ball on Sean’s case. A suspect has never been identified and the case remains open.

Despite using the Twitter platform to plan a riot and incite violence, Kealiher’s Twitter account remains active.