Baltimore Cook Wins 2nd Big Lottery in Two Consecutive Years

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BALTIMORE, MARYLAND – Over the past two years one Baltimore County cook has had lots of luck on his side. After a $10,000 scratch-off win last year and a small $1,000 win earlier this year, the 47-year-old maintains his lucky streak with a $100,000 win on a $100,000 Lucky scratch-off ticket.

The lucky winner visited the Walmart located at 2399 North Pointe Blvd in Dundalk. He went in to buy water and while there decided to try his luck yet again on one of the lottery’s $30 tickets. After buying the $100,000 Lucky ticket at the lottery kiosk, he immediately scanned it and the machine read, “take to lottery.” Thinking it was just smaller win like his two prior wins, he left the store. But then he had a second mind to actually scratch the ticket. That’s when he revealed that he had a matching number for a $100,000 win.

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“I was shocked,” the lucky winner said. He then went home to share the great news with his wife and children and they were just as shocked.

The three-time scratch-off winner has worked as a cook for the past 20 years and even with this win he says he has no plans to stop working. When asked of his plans for his winnings, he says that he’s already a homeowner, so he’ll use these winnings to purchase a rental property.

The Dundalk Walmart will receive a $1,000 bonus for its role in selling a winning scratch-off ticket of $100,000 or more.