Cory Booker, Monmouth County Democrats apparently don’t believe in Phil Murphy’s mask madness

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Photo by Rane Cuseglio, staffer for Assemblyman Nicholas A. Chiaravalloti and Hudson Counthy Democrats. Source: Facebook.

Folks, if you’re going to be indoors with non-familial people and you don’t know their vaccination status, you should wear a mask. Period. Full stop. If you’re dining indoors, keep your mask on when you’re not eating, we’re trying to save lives here. The COVID-19 virus is known to spread among the vaccinated and we’re trying to save lives as this delta variant takes blessed souls from us daily, vaccinated and unvaccinated. So please folks, don’t be knuckleheads and mask up.

Those are all good words of advice from the Governor of New Jersey, but few people in the state are listening to him these days, especially those in his own Democrat party.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is taking a lot of heat this week for showing up at a progressive Democrat-inspired COVID-19 superspreader event in Asbury Park.

Actually, it was not a super spreader. Nobody there did anything wrong, but if it was a room full of Republicans or Trump supporters, the left would have called it a superspreader event and it would have been billed as such by Monmouth County progressives like Senator Vin Gopal and others.

Last week, at that event, Murphy was seen maskless mingling with constituents at the New Jersey Equality Ball. That story, that broke right here on Shore News Network landed on Fox News, the New York Post and other national news outlets. There’s nothing at all wrong with what happened, but it highlighted a double standard that has been present in the Democrat party since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. The rules are for the people, not the political elites…or even those who think they are politically elite.

Democrats apparently have a lot of balls. There was another one this week.

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker would have none of Murphy’s face mask madness. Here he poses with an elderly Democrat as the entire room wanders and mingles without facemasks. Photo by Cory Booker, published by Asbury Park Democrats, Facebook.

Murphy attended the Monmouth County Democrat Chairman’s Ball, and the governor was taking no chances because he knows he’s under the spotlight. He was apparently the only person in attendance who cares about that spotlight. He was the only Democrat in attendance seen wearing a mask at the event. Well, there was also Democrat State Senator Vin Gopal, but, well more on that later.

It’s clear that his fellow Democrats don’t even subscribe to the Murphy mask madness as few if any were seen wearing face masks in any pictures published to social media. Even New Jersey Senator Cory Booker wouldn’t play by Murphy’s rules. Booker went face-naked, like the rest of the Democrats who attended the event. Modest Murphy didn’t show any skin, except for when he was speaking.

Phil Murphy has taken the mask-wearing thing too far and at times, it extends the boundaries of logic and Science. For instance, in New Jersey, for indoor dining you are expected to wear a mask while being seated at your table, then take it off while you eat. If you have to go to the bathroom or are in between courses, conversing, Murphy recommends that you mask up for the interim. COVID-19 knows when you’re sitting. It knows when you’re standing.

The science makes no sense. COVID-19 droplets sweep through the air whether you’re sitting or standing. Just ask former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Christie was blamed for passing his COVID-19 to former President Donald Trump. According to a book published by a Trump insider, the President claimed Christie’s ‘spittle’ infected him.

According to Monmouth County Democrat Chairman David Brown, all participants at the ball were required to show proof of vaccination and show a positive COVID-19 prior to entering.

Monmouth County Democrat Senator Vin Gopal wore his mask. Gopal of course, is up for re-election. Gopal’s firm is was hired to provide public information services to Republican majority Toms River Township. Photo by Vin Gopal published by Asbury Park Democrats, Facebook.

“To enter the event you were required to show a vaccination card or a negative PCR test within 48 hours as if you were boarding a plane,” Brown said.

So, if everyone was vaccinated and everyone showed a positive COVID-19 test, why on earth was Phil Murphy wearing a mask? Even though the Governor wants to say mask-wearing is not a political issue, it is a political issue. There was no reason for the Governor to wear a mask. He’s vaccinated. Everyone in the room is vaccinated. Everyone in the room was proved COVID-19 negative. Science says you shouldn’t have to wear a mask in that situation. The politics, however, demand that you do. Unless you don’t really believe in the science or trust the “Trump vaccine“.

The only answer this time is political pressure. Murphy has put himself into a very tight box on the face mask policies he passes down. According to his own policy, when indoors, you should wear a facemask if you are uncertain of the vaccination status of others in attendance or in a high-risk environment. At some point, Governor Murphy has to start believing in the science and put full faith in the vaccine. We can’t run around with facemasks on for the rest of our lives and pretend a piece of cotton cloth is going to protect us from COVID-19, especially those of us who do believe in vaccines and are fully vaccinated.

There’s one more possible answer. The face mask has become Murphy’s woobie. His security blanket, or perhaps the mask is the new sign of Democrat dominance…except the rest of the Democrats don’t feel that way…at least behind closed doors.