Finally! New Jersey is not last in something as the state is ranked safest in America

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NEWARK, NEW JERSEY - APRIL 21 - Families enjoy the Cherry Blossom Festival in Branchbrook Park on April 21 2018 in Newark New Jersey.

A new report by Safewise claims New Jersey is the safest state in the country. Here at Shore News Network, which covers crime news from around the country, we have to agree. We see far more violent crime reports in other states than we do in our home state of New Jersey. So, even though we like to complain about a lot in New Jersey, one thing we really can’t complain about is a crime.

Sure, New Jersey has its hot spots, Camden, Newark, Paterson, Atlantic City and Trenton, but in the suburbs, we boast one of the safest environments for residents nationwide and now, Safewise has shown us their proof that backs up our long-held belief.

“These crime-curbing communities have cause to celebrate. The 100 cities in our roundup boast a collective violent crime rate that’s 92% lower than the national average. And, when it comes to property crime, our top 100 locales report 79% fewer property crimes per 1,000 people than most of the US,” Safewise reported. “Over the past three years, violent crime among the safest cities has risen by 25%—but there’s no cause for alarm. That increase still represents less than one violent crime per 1,000 people.”

Only 4 towns on the list are home to more than 50,000 people. One of those is Middletown Township.

Bernards Township, New Jersey made the top 10 and 29 other towns made the top 100. New Jersey had more towns in the top 100 than any other state. For the third consecutive year, New Jersey boasts the safest cities with 29, 4 more than The Garden State had in last year’s rankings.

Here are the other towns and cities that made the list:

  • Sparta #8
  • Vernon #19
  • Roxbury #23
  • Raritan #28
  • Dumont #28
  • Westfield #31
  • Monroe #33
  • Randolph #38
  • Montgomery #39
  • Mahwah #43
  • Bergenfield #47
  • Hopewell #49
  • Summit #50
  • Morris Township #51
  • Jefferson Township #52
  • Hawthorne #53
  • Hillsborough #56
  • Mount Olive #64
  • Middletown #70
  • South Brunswick #73
  • Manchester #76
  • Marlboro #77
  • Fairlawn #82
  • West Milford #83
  • Springfield #85
  • Manalapan #94
  • Barnegat #96
  • Cliffside Park #97
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