Murphy banking on mail-in ballots, early voting to defeat Ciattarelli

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TRENTON, NJ – There’s an increase across New Jersey in mail-in ballot registration and it’s being powered by an effort by the Democrat National Committee, along with state and local Democrat party affiliates.

Early voting and mail-in ballots are key to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy’s re-election bid and he said Democrats are ‘chasing’ those mail-in ballots.

“We got a lot of vote by mail ballots that we’re chasing and we need to chase,” Murphy told a group of high-level Monmouth County Democrats this week.

In New Jersey, Democrats benefit from mail-in ballots as they work harder to get their constituents registered and have a much better ground game than Republicans when it comes to voting by mail.

Republicans face hurdles when it comes to getting their constituents to vote by mail, especially after former President Donald Trump sharply criticized the process and questioned its integrity. It could possibly have been the fatal mistake that cost him the presidency.

While Democrats were busy pushing their voters to mail in their ballots, Trump was telling his voters mail-in ballots should not be trusted.

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This year, the residuals from the mistrust of mail-in ballots at the hand of Trump might end up hurting Republicans and favoring Murphy’s campaign who are strongly pushing the mail-in ballot process to get more votes cast.