Joe Biden finally gets a boat parade, but not like the ones Trump used to get

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LOS ANGELES – There’s gridlock off the coast of Los Angeles as cargo ships full of goods wait to be offloaded onto docks where containers are piling up because there are no workers to load them onto trucks. Even if they could get them onto trucks, there are no drivers for those trucks.

Joe Biden finally got his boat parade.

During the campaign for President between Biden and former President Donald Trump, thousands of Americans got into their boats and held Trump parades on the open waters. Trump flags, American flags and yes, even the “Let’s Go Brandon” flags were seen for miles on the waterways in places like New Jersey and Florida.

There are no flags for Biden at Biden’s boat parade in Los Angeles, but analyst blame their presence on Biden and the Democrat party.

In Joe Biden’s America, people are choosing to abandon their jobs. A record 4.3 Million People Quit Their Jobs In August As Workers See Opportunity In a Chaotic Labor Market.

The gridlock at the west coast ports, including Los Angeles, is creating a supply chain crisis in America that is now trickling all around the world.

Don’t worry America, Joe Biden is here to fix it. On Thursday, he addressed the nation over his latest crisis, the Supply Chain Crisis. We’re now officially dubbing this the “Joe Biden Supply Chain Crisis”.

It will affect your holidays, your ability to purchase the goods you want and most of all, how much those goods will cost you.

“I know you’re hearing a lot about something called “supply chains” and how hard it is to get a range of things from a toaster to sneakers to a bicycle to bedroom furniture,” Biden said. “And with the holidays coming up, you might be wondering if the gifts you planned to buy will arrive on time. “

Biden started his speech by talking down to the American people as if they have no idea where the things they buy come from. Joe, everyone knows, it’s China and the Far East. Everyone knows you need a big boat to cross the Pacific Ocean. The American people get it. What the American people do not get is why the President is creating an economic environment in their country that rewards people for not working, which is the underlying issue that he ignored on Thursday.

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Biden’s plan is to put the union workers, already working as hard as they can to work even harder…and longer days.

“After weeks of negotiation and working with my team and with the major union and retailers and freight movers, the Ports of Los Angeles — the Port of Los Angeles announced today that it’s going to be — begin operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” Biden said.

The problem is, they have already been doing that for weeks and it’s not helping.

“Traditionally, our ports have only been open during the week — Monday through Friday — and they’re generally closed down at nights and on weekend,” Biden added. “By staying open seven days a week, through the night and on the weekends, the Port of Los Angeles will open — over 60 extra hours a week it will be open.  In total, that will almost double the number of hours that the port is open for business from earlier this year.”

Biden said his plan is going to work and it’s going to be a gamechanger for America.

Let’s hope it works better than his border plan, his immigration plan, his covid-19 plan, and his Afghanistan withdrawal plan.

Biden also noted that domestic shipping companies such as FedEx and UPS will also be working longer days.

“Additionally, FedEx and UPS, two of our nation’s biggest freight movers, are committing today to significantly increase the amount of goods they are moving at night.  FedEx and UPS are the shippers for some of our nation’s largest stores, but they also ship for tens of thousands of small businesses all across America,” he added.

This morning, cargo ships were still lined up dozens deep outside Los Angeles.

Green dots represent cargo ships lined up outside the Port of Los Angeles. Courtesy of