Let’s Go Brandon climbs to the top of the iTunes charts

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Across America, chants of “Let’s Go Brandon” are replacing “F-ck Joe Biden” after an NBC journalist mistakenly reported the anti-Biden chants as “Let’s Go Brandon”. It all started when NBC’s Kelli Stavast interviewed NASCAR driver Brandon Brown. In the background, fans were chanting “F-ck Joe Biden” and Stavast reported it as “Let’s Go Brandon”. It soon became an internet sensation that has grown beyond, including signs and chants at stadiums and arenas nationwide.

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Now, “Let’s Go Brandon” is also replacing other songs on the Itunes top 100 hip hop songs. Performed by Loza Alexander. Alexander, in the official music video is wearing a red hat that says “Make Music Great Again” after the Donald Trump-inspired “Make America Great Again” slogan.

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In the song, the song samples a female voice saying “Let’s Go Brandon” and the response is, “You know what they’re saying, ho.”

In the background, a crowd chants “F-ck Joe Biden”. “And they say it with a passion,” the song continues. “Ain’t nobody like his ass. Everybody hated Trump.” The song made its debut on Tik Tok and now is one of the best-selling singles in America.

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