Police warn beachgoers as black bears fatten up for their winter slumber

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PORT ST. JOE, FL – Police in St. Joe are warning beachgoers that bears are being attracted to the beaches and have been spotted going up to people’s items while on the beach.

“We would like to caution everyone that are walking pets and with children on the beach. There is a natural event causing bears to be attracted to the beach. Please use caution especially early in the morning or late in the afternoon and at night,” the department said.

Bears on the beach in the area are common in the spring and fall. Bears are resourceful animals who know where the best spots are to pick up a good meal and they don’t forget. As winter nears, the bears are fattening up for their long hibernation. While Florida bears do not hibernate due to the cold weather like in northern states, they instinctively prepare for a long winter where food is less scarce and enter a lethargic state due to the lack of food in the winter months.

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