Southwest Airlines Pilot: Our slogan is freedom and management is taking away our freedom

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Phoenix - Circa September 2021: Southwest Airlines Boeing 737s preparing for departure. Southwest is the largest low-cost carrier in the world.

DALLAS, TX – Southwest Airlines pilots and employees are lined up in Dallas protesting what they are calling “No Jabs for Jobs”.

The airline, known as the freedom airline that places its core values in its slogan, “Freedom to fly” is giving its employees anything but freedom.

Dozens of workers lined the road protesting the Joe Biden vaccination mandate and their company leadership’s decision to enforce the Biden mandate.

A pilot for the airlines today said, “It’s fairly well known that our CEO is trying to mandate the vaccine for all of the employees and this is all of the employee groups represented here today, flight ops, ground ops.”

“We’re telling our CEO to stand up for Texas, stand up for our freedom of choice,” the pilot who gave his first name, John. “No medical tyranny should be allowed on Southwest Airlines. We’re the love airline. We’re the airline of freedom, our slogan is freedom and yet our executive management is trying to take away our freedom of choice.”

The pilot also issued a request for President Joe Biden.

“I think it’s very clear, Joe Biden needs to start standing up for America and not for foreign nationals that are supporting him,” he added.

“I’m fighting for my company and my right to not take the vaccine and still keep my job,” one flight attendant said.

Southwest Airlines maintains that a series of cancelations last weekend was the result of weather, but today’s event shows that at least some of the headaches are being caused by revolting against the company’s decision.