Hooters Implements BeerBoard’s SmartOrders Technology at All Corporate-Owned Stores

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Syracuse, NY  – BeerBoard – the leader in technology for the on-premise food and beverage industry – announced today that Hooters of America is expanding the use of its industry-leading digitized bar management solution to be utilized at all 196 corporate-owned locations.

Hooters is implementing BeerBoard’s SmartOrders technology to manage its entire liquor, beer and wine (LBW) inventory. SmartOrders simplifies ordering, inventory and payments, digitizing the interaction between operators and distributors. Retailers can place orders directly through distributors and receive insights in real time, including inventory, recommended brands and quantities. In addition, SmartOrders provides increased accuracy, improved timelines and reduced expenses for distributors, and its actionable invoice level optimization results in increased revenue and profits. This technology is now being leveraged across Hooters’ company-owned stores, and franchisees also have the option to optimize BeerBoard’s full-tech suite.

“Technology and automated intelligence are a growing need in our industry,” said Bruce Skala, senior vice president of marketing for Hooters of America. “Hooters of America is proud to be a long-time partner of BeerBoard, which provides industry-changing solutions to help our team drive efficiency, revenue and guest satisfaction. HOA is now incorporating BeerBoard’s SmartOrders technology at each of our corporate-owned locations to manage the full liquor, beer and wine ordering process. Implementing SmartOrders technology is another step towards maximizing operational efficiencies at our stores. BeerBoard’s innovative products allow our team to manage our bar business from one platform to order products, track yield and manage inventory. We look forward to even greater success with BeerBoard, its technology and team.”

Headquartered in Atlanta, Hooters of America (HOA) is the proud operator and franchisor of over 420 Hooters locations in 42 states and 29 countries. As a result of its commitment to technology and growth, Hooters and Skala recently received the “Innovator of the Year” Award at this year’s VIBE Conference. Part of that effort included Hooters’ implementation of BeerBoard’s SmartMenus solution to meet new challenges presented in a post-COVID on-premise environment.

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SmartMenus is the industry standard in digital menus featuring full food and beverage menus and supplier-funded video promotions. With SmartMenus, Hooters can engage guests with live, up-to-date menu offerings accessed quickly from a QR code and drive marked sales increases in promoted brands.

“Hooters has been a great partner of BeerBoard, and we are excited to strengthen the relationship with Bruce and the entire HOA team,” said Mark Young, founder and CEO of BeerBoard. “Hooters has long been a leader in the adoption of technology to help drive business. With SmartOrders digitizing HOA’s bar management, we can provide enhanced business intelligence to support their efficiency and growth efforts in years to come. Everyone here at BeerBoard is excited for what the future holds.”