G20 leaders summit to focus on climate, COVID-19 and recovery measures – Italy’s Draghi

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FILE PHOTO: Prime Minister Draghi holds a news conference on Italy's new fiscal targets

ROME – The summit of the G20 leaders scheduled in Rome at the end of this month will focus on the fight against climate change, coronavirus and the measures required for a global recovery after the pandemic, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi said on Wednesday.

“Without the involvement of the world’s largest economies, we will not be able to comply with the Paris Agreement and limit global warming,” Draghi told Senate in remarks ahead of this week’s European Council meeting.

The Rome summit is seen as particularly important because it comes just before the United Nations COP26 climate change conference to be held in Glasgow, Scotland, where the position of G20 nations will be critical.

(Reporting by Angelo Amante, editing by Giulia Segreti)