New York Governor Kathy Hochul Parties Maskless at Bar While Your Kids Forced to Wear them At School All Day Long

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ALBANY, NY – New York Governor Kathy Hochul is sending a clear message. The New York indoor mask mandate is for people like you and your children and not for her. Today, Hochul is under fire for going to a crowded indoor sports bar to watch the Buffalo Bills defeat the Miami Dolphins 35-0 and not wearing a mask.

The Governor was sharply criticized by her constituents after posting the photos to her social media pages. Most who criticized her for the act, aren’t upset because she violated her own COVID-19 public health guidance, they’re mad because they and their own children are required to wear masks at work and school each day.

While there is no state mandate at this time, the governor’s policy recommends indoor masking in large group settings.

In the bar, she hung out with groups of younger men, all unmasked. New Yorkers criticized her actions on her Facebook page.

“Governor, as much as I support your efforts to get New Yorkers out again to support local restaurants, I have to agree with others here. This is not the best “look” to project. I presume these young people are known to you & you are all vaccinated adults. Having a drink while wearing a mask is impossible, I know, but your table could have been better positioned farther from other parties in the bar,” said supporter Karen Carney. “A closely packed bar crowd doesn’t seem healthy to me, or to some others here, although I’m sure a bunch of comments are from non-supporters, anti-maskers, just to criticize your behavior. Please have your PR staff rethink your public appearance photos. You need to be setting a good health example, not just schmoozing your constituents.”

“Just what I want to see my gov mask free in a bar when kids are forced to wear masks every day at their desk and sit behind glass at a lunch table. Not to mention all those losing their jobs because of your ridiculous mandates..Glad you’re having a good time, hope you had a drink for those whose lives you’re screwing up,” said New Yorker Rachel Gibson.

Robin Johnson said, “If people don’t wake up to the hypocrisy of these elite politicians we are doomed. I don’t care what political party you fall into, can we all unite against these elite puppets? All sell-outs and actors.”

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“Wow. Indoors without a mask, yet you’re requiring our children to mask up,” said George Walker.

“Where’s her mask? If she really believed the “science” she’d be wearing one. Would love to see her as a classroom teacher for a day,” Jennifer Marie replied.